Here's a list of some of the main gear I use and links for more information.  I only recommend stuff that I actually use myself, have found useful and works really well.  Let me know if you have any questions.

Main Camera & Lenses 

 Main Camera body -

 Go to Lens 24-70mm -

 Telephoto Lens 70-200mm -

 Great light wide angle lens 16-35mm -


 Mavic Pro2 + accessories -


 Peak Design Strap (takes the load!) -

 Filter set (polarizer/NDs) -

 Gitzo Tripod + ball head -

 Cable release (a must) -

 Camera bag/backpack -

 Batteries Nikon -

 Portable Hard drive (wifi) -

 Portable SSD 1TB -

 Memory Cards 128GB -

 Air lens cleaner -

 Phone for quick snaps -

Photo/Video Editing 

Photo Editing software -

Advanced Photo Editing -

Video Editing - Davinci Resolve

Editing on the road -

Most links will go to Amazon for more information.

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