Most photographers can pinpoint the moment they fell in love. For me it was the early 1990s. I was shooting slide film for a university project. When the results came back from the lab, I was completely blown away by the colour and clarity that slide film delivered. I was fascinated by the endless creative possibilities of composition and the way light changed everything. Although my photography has evolved over the years, my sense of awe and wonder remains to this day.

In 1997 my wife and I spent a year travelling around Australia. It was a trip of a lifetime for so many reasons, and a trip that I highly recommend doing if you ever have the opportunity.

One source of inspiration for our adventure was the book From Alice to Ocean: Alone Across the Outback. The book features Rick Smolan’s colour photography of Robyn Davidson’s epic journey with four camels and a dog from Alice Springs through the deserts of Western Australia. Needless to say, we were hooked—we wanted to see this stark beauty of the hostile landscape with our own eyes.

And we were not disappointed. We were struck by the diversity and majesty of Australian landscapes, from severe to sublime. The remote isolation we experienced in many places we stayed was unforgettable. I keenly documented the whole trip with my Nikon F70, storing my precious slide film in the car fridge. It is a record I still have today.

Those early days of adventuring and photography continue to influence the things I love to photograph. I still have a great respect for remote, expansive Australian landscapes, places that many people will never see in person. We have taken our family (and my ever-expanding camera gear) on many more trips, discovering the beauty around us. 

With each photograph I make, I try to tell a story. Australia is an ancient place and, to many, a spiritual place as well. There is definitely something remarkable and unique about its beauty that speaks to us on a deeper level. It leaves a lasting impression long after you have experienced it. In my own way, I am trying to capture that essence.

I hope you enjoy the images you find here as much as I enjoyed making them. Thank you for your interest in my work.

If you are interested, prints can be purchased directly through my site or contact me for custom sizing and options.

Some reading

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